Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-07 um 05.53.16Today we would like to meet Jim. Jim started with us some 2.5 years ago. Chances are you will meet him in class with his Starbucks coffee cup, just directly from the airport and a trip to Las Vegas. His amazing ability to Press almost any weight overhead (without dipping under it an inch) has coined the term “Jim Press” – but he es very avid on getting a “Jim Squat” named after him too.
A very regular of the evening and sometimes even 9 o’clock classes, he works  for a Pharmaceutical company in Zug. He actually has worked there his entire career, with the past 10 years based in Europe (Dublin, London, Geneva, and now Zug).  In consequence he has friends all over the place, so when he’s not here or traveling for work, he’s often flying to meet up with friends and family in various locations.  And yes, that often includes trips to Vegas.
He first stumbled upon CrossFit in Geneva where he he had a friend who always went, and swore by it.
“I was skeptical but I eventually got tired of the gym routine and when I moved to Zurich, I literally saw that CF Horgen was right at the station on my way to Zug.  I signed up in September 2014, along with a few colleagues, and the rest is history.”
Asked about his first couple of classes he says: “My first impression was ‘Oh this can’t be so tough’ – Needless to say that impression changed on my first class!  The beauty of CrossFit is there’s always something that is a weakness for everyone, so it’s really impossible to master. I still have a few (or more likely SEVERAL)  things I haven’t been able to conquer yet, and that’s what keeps me going.”
And exactly those minor improvements day in and day out is what keeps him motivated. ” It’s seeing the continued, gradual improvements in every area.  Like finally having better form on my squat and going below parallel, or that 30-60 second improvement in a benchmark workout, or being able to Rx most of the workouts. I used to look at workouts which included my weaknesses with dread, but now I look forward to the challenges.”
This work-ethic has helped Jim to keep improving day in and day out. His continous push to better small details and keep working on weaknesses add up to a huge improvement over time. He even learned “CrossFit German” and just a month ago he got his first bar muscle-up. Congrats!
16403161_1209205379199221_2898951576259223777_oHe likes the atmosphere of “You can do anything” and the community in class and loves to watch people hit personal records: “I remember when Tanja set the Swiss Back Squat record at Comp Class, or Felix using all of the blue weights in the box for his squats. I really love the great examples of teamwork and how we push each other. On a particularly challenging workout (the dreaded combination of rowing, Burpees and Box Jumps), Robin kept pace with me, even though I was slowing him down, just to keep me going.  I see those examples all the time, and those are the constant reminders of what a great community we have- and how we can push each other to achieve things we never thought possible.”
Thank you Jim! You are a great example and we can’t wait to see you hit that next PR.
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