Do you speak English? Here are the most important infos in English. Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any other questions.

Will I be able to follow the class? I don’t speak German.
Yes! All our coaches speak English fluently and are happy to translate or explain in English. Also, our programming is always in English, so you are able to read the Whiteboard and ask classmates too! (All of our members are very friendly and helpful!)

Why should I train at CrossFit Horgen?

  • We are the longest running CrossFit Box on the lake of Zurich and have the best coaches that take a pride in coaching and making sure you reach your goals.
  • With our membership you can train in any of the three locations: Horgen, Meilen und Rapperswil-Jona
  • You will have a 24/7 access to your online training plan, your results and especially your success via an app or your browser.
  • You will find open, friendly and cool other athletes training with you. They really have your back.
  • Great equipment.
  • We have a clean, modern facility with showers.
  • Lots of parking to choose from.
  • Easy accessible with public transportation: we are located directly by the train station „Horgen Oberdorf. That means we are 8min from Baar/Zug and 12min from Zürich main station)
  • We plan your training! Our training follows a logical build-up and periodization to get you the most results in the least amount of time.
  • We focus on technique, before you add weight. It is important that you do the exersices correctly and safely. We will correct you whenever necessary, because we think: safety first!
  • We have a seamless and paperless-environment. You can login anytime and see your subscription, print your contract (for your insurance) as well as see all your training results.
  • We know about nutrition. It doesn’t matter if you want to loose weight, be faster or grow stronger: nutrition is a big enabler and will likely determine 80% of your success. We offer guidance, consultations down to written out eating plans and recipes.
  • We have a very flexible schedule from 6:30am to 8pm and offer  CrossFit, Personal Trainings, Yoga, Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting Special Courses.
  • On Saturdays we run clinics with experts from different fields from Mobility to running to rowing.


Still unsure?
You don’t have to workout the first time that you come to CrossFit Horgen. You can have your questions answered, learn about our different programs and about how we help people lose weight, build strength and change their lives.

At our „Kennenlern-Gespräch“, you can chat with one of our coaches about what you’re goals are, what to do to achieve those goals and start building the road to success.

Button-Termin-jetzt-buchen-großThis chat is a free consultation. If you’re thinking about starting an exercise program, come chat with us about how you can make a positive change in your life, quickly. Ready to go? Book your chat here:


What are your membership types and prices?

Our memberships are split up between how many classes per week you’d like to take. You can choose the length between 3 and 12 months – and for a vacation longer than 1 week you can pause the membership by prior written notice.

1 year: (with 2, 3 or unlimited classes per week)
2x/week: CHF 1850.-
3x/week: CHF 2250.-
Unlim. :      CHF 2550.-

2x/week: CHF 980.-
3x/week: CHF 1190.-
Unlim. :      CHF 1330.-

2x/week: CHF 515.-
3x/week: CHF 620.-
Unlim. :     CHF 685.-

A „pay-per-month“-option is available upon request.

How can I start with you?
If you are new to CrossFit or have never been to CrossFit Horgen we are offering a special on-ramp course as introduction. We will go through all of the movements and get you up to speed so that you can join our regular classes after. The four hours teach you everything you need to know to start in our classes. Please refer to our page „Anfangen“ for current dates.


How about drop-ins?
If you are a regular CrossFitter at another facility email us describing your background and which class you would like to join. We will write back and confirm you can join a lesson. Price is CHF 35.-

Want to know more about us?
You can find out more about us and how we train (in English) by reading this interview.

Our classes of 1hr are led by a certified and experienced coach and you will go through a specific warm-up, a strength or skill part and the typically 5-15min long „Workout of the Day“.

At CrossFit Horgen you decide or commit to a number of trainings per week when you choose your membership. You can then freely choose when you would like to come from the 35+ classes we offer. You can see our full schedule here: http://www.crossfithorgen.ch/stundenplan/

How to get to CrossFit Horgen:

Take the train or bus to „Horgen Oberdorf“ from there you can walk to the box. (Take the next pass-under direction Zurich).  You will see our logo from the train station, on the mountain side of the tracks.

Google Map of our box‘ location:

Größere Kartenansicht

Still got questions? – Ask us!



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